Blitab is an award winning innovative device helping blind and visually impaired people. „BLITAB“ is a tablet-style device for blind people and for those who suffer from impaired vision. It is like an electronic book, which instead of using a screen for visualizing the text, uses small physical bubbles.

They rise out of the surface of the device on demand, composing text in Braille Alphabet. Blind users can feel and read the Braille message, but also input text. When the bubbles are no longer needed, they recede into the surface and become invisible.

The accessible design allows you to convert any text file (from USB sticks, memory cards and online content) into braille code, which then appears through raised buttons that move up and down on the interface.

Unlike regular braille readers that show only one line of text at a time, you can upload and read large text files, like books, with a USB stick. The invention could allow blind and partially sighted people to read during travel and improve acces to study materials for students.